Sunday, September 15, 2013


One of the really great benefits of running a Country Inn is the experience of the gathering. We get to see people gather with family, friends, & loved ones. We get to watch as generations come to together from all over the state and sometimes the country to visit. Many have never met, but know there is a blood tie that connects them together. They get to notice their features reflected in others as well as silly habits or idiosyncrasies that they share with people who were strangers before that day. Long lost friends and classmates seeing each other after long absences often fill the Inn with laughter and incredible stories. They pick up their friendships as if no time has passed at all. For some reason the sense of community is the stongest at funerals and weddings. I don't know if its is the sharing of a common goal of mourning or celebrating that unites them so fiercly, but it is powerful to behold. All differences are put aside or on hold for the day and the groups come to together in sadness or in joy. Like I said we are very lucky to witness the compassion, understanding, and comprehension dawn on their faces. Oh the humanity. hat a complex web we weave!

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