Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pet Friendly

We are very pet friendly here at Inntiquity.  Besides this being an old barn our grandchildren include a 12 year old rat terrier named Quincy, a gorgeous calico named Piper, a so ugly he is cute dog named Duke, and a Cogri named Gimil.  Not to mention various other canine greatgrand kids.  This week we are getting ready to host many professional dogs.  The 2013 Natural Dog Training Conference will have meetings and stay here the 22nd through the 25th.
  These dogs are special because they are rescue dogs and help out during all sorts of crisis.  They will accompany their handlers even at dinner.  There is a guy coming from Albany, NY who is known for dancing with dogs.  There is also a a session to help these dogs deal with the stress of their jobs. Therapy for dogs along with how to spot the impacts of various crisis on their dogs.  They of course are going to Tippacanoe to visit Wolf Park for Howl night.
  We are really looking forward to having these heroes. 

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