Sunday, August 11, 2013

History of Inntiquity

We often have guests who are incredulous that our building used to be an old dairy barn.  Our daughter who is also our chef & assistant manager here fed cows out of here till she was fifteen years old. In 1849 Levi Brown started his Percheron inported horse farm on a land grant from Millard Fillmore.  The family maintained the Old Michigan Road toll road on this property.  The tollhouse was across from CR100. 
   In the 1860's milk cows were added in a section of the barn.  A dairy was operated here until the 1970's.  Juila Cappel, a great-great grandmother, inheirted the farm in 1888 & moved to Logansport from Plymouth.  A painting, painted in 1904, by Indiana artist, Wils Berry of the farm showing Pleasant Valley Dairy hangs in the office.
   The house and the barn were both built in 1849 and faced each other, as the road was not considered important.  The property sat empty until 1934 when Helen & George Naftzger moved in.  The barn cupola was lost to another tornado.
  In the 1980's we were trying to find a way to keep the property in the family for another generation.  There was no longer enough land to farm.  We the considered turning the large barn into a country inn similiar to the ones we had seen in Cailfornia and Virginia.  We started to add to our collection of architectural fixtures and antiques furnishings by attending acuctions, building sales, banruptcies, & demolitions. 
  Ten to twelve years late, we opened Inntiquity, A Country Inn to the public, enabling us to host wonderfully interesting guests, some neighbors as well as some from all over the world!!

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