Sunday, August 4, 2013

Comments from our wonderful guests

"We are making our stays at the Inntiquity a family tradition. It is a treasure!"

"Perfect birthday weekend.  Quite remakable -mix of formal & laid back...A surprise search on the internet yields exceeded expectation"

"We enjoyed our 4 year anniversary staying here. Very relaxing and beautiful place to enjoy ourselves.  Lee & George made us feel right at home from the time we walked in until we checked out.  Very friendly & polite.  Our hats off to the chef.  The food was excellent & would not change a thing."

"My husband and I have been coming here for our anniversaries for about 7 years now.  This is our 2nd stay in the Dresden Rose room.  Welove the view & the fireplace!!"

"Best night of sleep ever!!! this room is so cozy & relaxing the fireplace worked wonders & the bed is just like sleeping on a Giant Cloud!  The stars at night are breathtaking, we really enjoyed the balcony & natures scenery.  We can't wait to come back & enjoy ourselves again, thankyou Lee & George for everything!"

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful enviornment for lovers to write or create another chapter in their romance.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.  This place will be remembered in OUR love story.  We wish all those who stay here, may you share the magic that we shared in our stay here"

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