Saturday, July 13, 2013

Murder Mystery Parties

Here at the Inn we have murder mysteries.  These parties require at least 10 people or five couples.  We have had corporate groups, Harley riders, weddings,  Red Hat Ladies, & surprise parties do these events.  We have some choices when it comes to the murder mystery.  There is the 1920's theme Murder at the Four Deuces, The Immortal Ball a vampire supernatural themed, The Reunion a 1950's theme party, & a Christmas themed one as well.  The price is $65 a couple plus tax & tip.  This includes a four course dinner with appetizers, a salad course, main entree with two sides, a dinner roll, dessert, & drink.  There are also four prizes for the player who is the best actor/actress, who has the most money, best detective, & best costume.
     These are always a lot of fun and very entertaining. It helps when there are outgoing guests involved.  It seems like they help to drag everyone else into the event.  Alcohol we serve beer & wine seems to ease the dynamic.  Sometimes there is confusion on what to do.  I try to remind them that is just like real life in a way.  For example if you want to kill someone & steal their money you have to try to do it on the down low.  There should be no witnesses, but there is no CSI unit to investigate either.  There is a scavenger hunt to find weapons and bonus advantages.  This is my favorite part.  People vying to get to the clue before the others.  The people playing make all the difference in the fun factor.   There is a lot of work involved in pulling one of these off.  I am the chef & game leader so it is a balancing act to pull it off.  The people soon realize that the more you put into the experience the more they get out of it.

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