Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Groups at Inntiquity

Our last week end was all about families One group had a rehersal dinner in our glassed inn dining room overlooking one of our ponds. Another group had a family reunion. They had breakfast together each morning. Boy, were they great coffee drinkers! Fortunately we had a giant banquet sized coffee maker. They seemed to really enjoy each other, including everyone. Some even stayed over for the third night. We got to use some of our favorite recipes for larger groups. They seemed to appreciate them all.
The best part of a bed and breakfast inn is the people you meet. Most of our guests are considerate of our property , have good manners and experiences to share. I especially like to hear about their children. I suppose it is just the school teacher in me. I really miss meeting new children with their new take on old things. One of our young couples shared interests and places locally that they enjoyed. It is always nice to have first hand recommendations.
There is a new group coming in for a family reunion this week end. We have made many efforts to cater to their plans. More help, groceries, special dishes and drinks will assist us in making their week end memorial.
Lee Innkeeper

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