Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Experiences

Inntiquity had wonderful overnight guests and wonderful parties. Pete and Sara, our wonderful Celtic musicians played for our New Year, Eve guests. The candlabras, rose petal, stemware and table settings helped us present our award winning 4 course candlelight dinners. Locals and overnight guesrs mixed to make an enjoyable party.
A great benefit in having a Bed and Breakfast Inn is meeting our guests. I am the breakfast cook and often benefit from knowledge shared besides sharing a small part in in hearing about their work and families. They help me to stay connected with the changes that I am unaware of.
We are very fortunate to have 99.9 percent of our guests to be very personable, intelligent, with good manners and all around people we love to meet.
Our daughter arrived with our 2 month old grandson, Emerson. She and her husband, Mark helped to put away Christmas decorations. What a great help. Their arrival sparked an arrival of family from Indianapolis since the new born lives with his family in St Louis. All in all our holidays were very successful. Happy New Year to allof our guests and families!

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