Thursday, November 11, 2010

News from Inntiquity

We have a new family member! Emerson Arron Naftzger-Books was born on 11/10. What fun to hold such a tiny new family member and to share the excitement. I forgotten some of the critical things that need to happen with newborns. Buying baby clothes can cause you to forget what a short time they are going to fit. The most beautiful words are"both mother and baby are fine!
Our garden has finally stopped its wonderful gifts. Leslie has saved a few herbs in pots to hopefully survive the winter. Fresh herbs and vegetables make such a difference in our cooking. She has served herbed fresh pork chops cooked in cider with fresh Granny Smith apples. More fresh pies and cobblers will appear on our Thanksgiving buffet.
George has been taking advantage of our great fall weather to paint the Inn. Now he is taking the outdoor furniture to our storage areas. Our house still needs TLC but illness and the inn has limited our time.
We have had many wonderful guests, both this month and last. Some were from companies on work sessions or business in Logansport. Guests were from England, Australia, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, Texas,and Florida, plus several from Indiana. We really enjoy talking and visiting with our guests. What fun to share their stories. Much of the time they give us useful information and ideas. Others give us useful ways to enhance our service.