Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tea Parties and Easter Plans

Our restaurant is becoming more popular with speciality parties. Recently, our chef and daughter has put her chef school lessons to practice to host a ladies tea party. I took little part except for the marketing. We enjoyed using many of our elegant teapots, china, candlebras and silver. I felt forced, ha, to taste the beautiful little tarts.
Our Easter brunch menu is featuring many of our popular Items, plus a roasted leg of lamb from a licensed Cass County Farm. I will get to use my mint jelly. We are trying to showcase some of our local growers, including a buffalo farm. Old family recipes + favorites from church and feed company phamplets are so popular that I am pushing Leslie to make an Inntiquity Inn cookbook. I am trying to figure a way to make our hot German potatos stay fresh on our buffet. Leslie is now in serving etiquette classes. We have extensive dinnerware, silver, china chrystal and linens. Our fast pace living has caused many to be unused to formal dining. Our dinners help people learn the basics when this experience is needed. Instead of being something painful we strive to make formal dining enjoyable. We like the opportunity to utilize our Victorian inheritance.
Our special Easter packages include overnight stays , lovely breakfasts and linens plus an inn filled with beautiful furnishings from a slower and more leisurely life style.