Friday, June 4, 2010

Indiana Countryside

2010 hasm been a strange year for gardening. Plants and flowers both were mature and flowering in April that usually bloomed in May. This made their beautiful colors blend or bounce off each other in delightful or stange viewings. Our restaurant still has georgous bouquets on every table. Some have such commanding odors that I have changed them to allow the food odors in. One great thing about all the rain is less watering is require.

Inntiquity is pushing toward our goal of serving all local products. Mt little 4x8s are packed with herbs and fresh vegetables. We have range chickens, fresh eggs, lamb, and buffalo. our farmers market can usually supply any gaps in produce. We are still using our recipes from our ancestors married up sometimes with help from Food and Wine magazine.

Logansport is hosting our annual Med Flory Jazz festival this week. Several of the musicians, including Med, when he can come, are staying with us at the Inn. We hosted and fed the Rose Society last night for their monthly meeting. A great time for gardeners to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. George is our landscaper and grounds keeper. I fight to keep my 10 little 4x8 vegetable and herb gardens. All are bountiful this spring.

We have had very interesting guests this spring. They enjoy the animals, grounds, antiques and homemade food Some share their recipes. Some share great travel spots. Some share stories about local ancestors. Many keep us updated about their families. Several were married here and show pictures of their children. Bed and breakfast Inns are fortunate that most guests are great people that you are glad to meet. You never know who you might meet next. It makes for some adventure bonuses.

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