Friday, January 29, 2010

Lovers and Return Lovers

Inntiquity is gearing up for Valentine's Day. George is polishing all of his beautiful table setting findings, polishing the silver ones, washing the crystal ones and checking the press on the linen ones. Leslie is making sure all her most popular recipes are located and to hand. I am making arrangements for flowers, and cards. We are hoping all our former guests , lovers and friends, will be joining us.
We are busy thinking of rewards for our overnight returnees of more than two overnight stays. We have given some a bottle of champagne, others a suite upgrade, and others flowers. We feel honored to have been honored to share a small part of their lives. so0me have returned five or more times. Others are trying to experience each different suite. We enjoy catching up on the news in their lives, some sad and some great. Be sure to let us know if we don,t always remember how many times you have returned.

See you soon, Lee George, and Leslie

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