Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays at Inntiquity

Inntiquity hosted 42 for our famous Candlelight Champagne dinners on New Year's Eve. George and I were lazy and had friends, Norm & Sharon as our personal guests. In past years we have stayed up to watch the Ball drop on Times Square. This time we all said good night at about 10:45. It was great to celebrate thenew year. 2009 was not a great year with George undergoing Chemo. Thanks to the wonderful care at Simon Cancer Center, he was pronounced Cancer free. During troubled times one really appreciates family and friends. They helped us all.
Now we must organize and remove our decorations. Each year we promise we will do better at labeling. It was a wonderful time to catch up on family and friends. Our newest member is Leah Madison St. Clair. She is our 1st great grandchild. Her dimples and smiles made us all happy. My main attraction was large buttons on my sweater. Too bad she lives in Seatle. Our daughter Alexandra lives in St Louis and with her husband Mark breeds warmblood hunter jumpers at her equesterian center, Marquis Farm. Their Corgi's, Shotzi and Penny visited with them.
Our next Holiday celebration will be Valentine's Day. I am open to suggestionsfor an irrresible package to advertise on our web page. Suggestions appreciated. Another proposal was made and accepted here at Inntiquity. So far, hold your breath, evvery proposal made here at the Inn has been accepted. We, at Inntiquity are doing our best to keep romance alive.
Lee, Innkeeper

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