Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall at Inntiquity

Leslie has been harvesting the the fruits , herbs and vegetables from our gardens and trees. So far she has created salsas, sauces, poesto, fresh tomato and pepper mixes. Next we need to finish peeling + cutting Bartlett and Asian pears. We are going to make pear sauce. They are so sweet all we need to add is a little cinnamon. She has already made soup from the vegetables and herbs. She is known as the soup Nazi of Logansport. She has convinced me that all the hours spent making her own stocks pay off. Some of the herbs She has replanted in large pots and placed in our entry, hoping the warmth will keep them. Our entry smells wonderful.!

George has replanted some of the shrubs in the kitchen gardens to winter over. He loves rare plants and always buys too many. If they make it to spring, he will hopfully have decided their new home. There are so many different plants that I have urged him to help me label them.

Our Thanksgiving buffet will use many of the saved herbs and vegetables. Foods and recipes from our families, the churches, feed stores, and Leslie's Charleston chef school are prepared in a cooking marathon. I still am called upon to make the pie crusts and noodles. George and I both get stuck with peeling jobs. There are so many dishes that we have a problem findung room serving them. Each year we are fortunate to have many repeat guests plus several newcomers.
We really enjoy seeing all the guests and their families.