Thursday, March 26, 2009


What a wonderful weekend! Our musicians filled the inn with music. Innovations and old favorites. The restaurant was busy with both, musician's meals and a funeral dinner. Many of the musicians were creative in other ways. One had written a travel book, others shared their beautiful quilts. All were very complimentary about our food.
The bird watchers had extensive information about the bird's that pass through Indiana on their return to the north after their wintering in Indiana. They have envited George and I to join them on a Bird watching trip to West Virginia. It sounds exciting. Our business obligations will have to decide for us.
Leslie is preparing another mystery weekend. Several people are interested in these fun experiences. The hold up seems to be that most of the mysteries require at least 10 people. We need to put together all the different mystery lovers so they can come together.
I have finally found the creamed coconut that her faboulous pie requires. The chocolate crust really is the final resistance breaker!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Valentine Survival

The lovers were out in force this Valentine's Day. Hail romance! Our record of accepted proposals is still intact. As of today our record is safe. We know that one day someone will refuse. The lovely young lady said" yes." Our dining rooms were completely full, with all the champagne buckets ,flowers, candlelabras, place plates, silver and stemware. Leslie had a new prep cook, so wasn't as fast as usual. I did not think to check if all our extra servers had a liscense to carry alcohol. As they were not pouring, I did not realize they still needed a liscence. We were upset that people did not receive very prompt service. Most were understanding as Leslie's food helped makeup for it.. We had a very detailed review to make sure we do not repeat our mistakes.
All our suites were full on Saturday , and most on Friday and Sunday. As usual our guests were wonderful at breakfast. We never tire of hearing about there lives and wonderful stories. Some are repeat guests and some are new to bed and breakfast inns. We try very hard to make their experience memorable to ensure they will keep giving B & Bs their choice for romance and comfort. Lee, Innkeeper