Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tomatoes Tomatoes

The Inn's kitchen gardens are raised 4x8s. We have 10 of them outside the kitchen door. Some are filled with herbs and some with lettuces. The rest are in peppers and tomatoes. Many people have not experienced the wonderful taste of an Indiana tomato that has not been refrigerated. We have about 15 different kinds. Some have stripes, some have a dark red top and dark green bottom, some are pink, some yellow, and some orange. Some are small patio types with different sizes, different colors and different shapes. I especially like the small pear shaped ones. We have 4 kinds of romas, beefsteak, Early Girl , yellow wonder and at least 6 kinds that I have forgotten the names. Next year I plan to at least make a map of where each are planted. I put the labels of the containers beside each kind in the soil when I planted, but the plants have growntall, bushy and swarm all together and outside their beds.

Leslie has made fresh tomato salad, gazapacho, salsa, tomato basil soup, tomato juice, Bloody Marys, cream of tomato soup, stewed tomatoes , stuffed tomatoes with chicken or tuna salad and of course sandwiches of all kinds, even a tomato and cream cheese sandwich.

The peppers are not as profuse. We have many colors, not as many as I planted. George tried to help by putting mulch on my beds. The tomatoes liked it. The peppers were killed or shriveled. Fortunately we have other unmulched beds.

Summer in Indiana has helped us serve fresh organic vegetables. We have a local farmer's market with open range eggs and chickens. We have neighbors up the road that have lamb, and another with buffalo. Our restaurant has been moving to organic locally grown foods. Our local growers have been coming to our with muskmelon, watermellon, onions, strawberries Our local Frozen custard stands help make summer in Indiana a great cuisine experience.

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