Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July at Inntiquity

We had a hot July in Indiana, requiring many waterings of our gardens. George had me put mulch on my vegetable gardens. Not successful. No weeds, but the pepper plants died. I have removed the mulch from 1 bed and am replanting with Miracle Grow. Hope there is enough time for them to grow. We use many peppers in our cooking even though we do not call them mangos as did our ancestors.
Several of our holiday guests were old friends returning to assist relatives and share the holiday. Others were interesting and shared stories of their families and experiences . One delightful couple were newlyweds. Others shared anniversaries. Our Celtic musicians entertained during the dinner hours. Good food, interesting guests and music!
Our partners in hosting were the Crooked Creek stables with good old Indiana horsemen to address any riding issues, France Park, with its waterfall, swimmuig area and great sites to take our famous picnic. There are also walking and biking trails along 2 banks of the rivers. One trail has a labyrinth. So far we have not had anyone reported lost.
Indiana Beach is just 22 miles away. May exciting things to do there. Rides, interesting foods, music and carnival atmosphere. Also swimming and boating is available. I spent many a summer evenings , in my younger days and some older days dancing to the famous bands playing there.

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