Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lucky Lovers

Inntiquity has had many lovers in the 20 plus years we have been an inn. Some are returning for anniversaries, some bring their children, many have our romantic candlelight champagne dinner. Our most outstanding statistic is the success rate of the marriage proposals. So far 23 prosposals , that we know of , have been accepted here. Most by men, but we know of 2 by women. Of course our record will eventually be broken or else we have not found out about any refusals. Be that as it may, we are honored to have our efforts toward providing a romantic atmosphere rewarded. Innkeeping is hard work, but the wonderful guests make up for it by allowing us to have a small part in so many lives.

From the beautiful brides climbing up the stairs in their wedding gowns, to the ones getting married in our gazebo, we have yet to see one that is not especially beauriful on their day. Our restaurant has hosted groups of retiring nuns, rehersal dinners, receptions of many kinds, showers, teas, funeral dinners and seminars. All of these events gives George the opportunity to utilize the many silver serving pieces's from his family and our antique collections. Many weddings have been held here. Our gardens have been especially lovely after a cold start.