Monday, March 17, 2008


Wild geese are returning to our ponds! If there is ice they sit on it as though to make it melt. We are not sure if these are the same ones returning every year. Last year they swam with five goslings between them until they grew enough to learn to fly. Deer, birds, and even a mink have been seen on our ever more frequent days.
Our celtic musicians kept us smiling as we enjoyed their gathering and enteracting. The inn wore a happy face. Honeymooners and anniversary couples filled the inn to keep making special breakfasts and welcoming interesting new people.
We were excited to host a work shop conference for the Soybean growers. Big group, big men and big vehicles. A very dynamic group!
March has us making use of our dining areas because of our early Easter. Each year we celebrate by by using our family recipes for a big Easter Buffet. I'ts great to welcome local families and neighbors with our overnight guests.
Lrr, Innkeeper

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