Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sharing and Marrying Recipes

With Lee making the gourmet breakfasts, Leslie cooking the lunches and dinners, and George making the breads and rolls Inntiquity offers a taste of Indiana as different our backgrounds. Our kitchen uses recipes from old implement magazines, church publications, old family recipes - Auntie's Sugar cookies, Poor House Cookies ,Grandma's Cream Pie, German Potato Salad Lucille's homemade Ice Cream- and too many others to mention. Some Leslie profits from as in her Guiness Cake. We have thought of offering a cooking school weekend.
Our Easter Buffet gave us a chance to share our food with with 87 guests. We loved having them. They are always so complimentary.
Since April is almost here in Indiana we are all excited about getting our new plants and putting them in our beds. George has 23 acres minus my 10 eight by four herb and vegetable plots. Amazing how many people have never experienced an unrefridgerated tomato! Wow!
George has to plant as many unusual plants as he can find. Unfortunately most will remain unlabeled. He really has the place looking beautiful though. We all have planting fever! Come check us out. Lee, Innkeeper

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