Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dining at Inntiquity, A Country Inn

We try to have only fresh food. That is why we change the menu every week. Each week we make two new desserts. This week we made fresh peach cobbler and Italian coconut pecan cake. Our two new soups are creamy roasted sweet red pepper soup with dry white wine and crabby corn chowder, Our new entrée this week is stuffed pork loins with blue cheese and fresh thyme. Here at Inniquity we use as much as we can out of the garden. Now that fall is here we are harvesting all the herbs we can as well as harvesting the last of the green peppers and green beans. We are hoping for some cucumber and squash stragglers. We are gearing up for our annual Thanksgiving buffet. We have one every year with all the fixings. Mostly I think they come for the turkey, mashed potatoes, and desserts. We are very fortunate to have an excellent baker who provides the most incredible yeast rolls & sweet potato biscuits. She serves the sweet potato biscuits with an outstanding orange honey butter she whips up. Delightful!!! The fall favorite for sure. Come eat with us.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Resoration From Rescues

Many people don't know that our Inn, Inntiquity, A Country Inn is an example of resoration through renovation. The Inn is a testimony to this fact. Everywhere you look in the Inn there are pieces of history. The Great Hall holds couches from the Krannert Pavillion in the old Indiana School of Medicine. These Baker furniture pieces also include chairs in the dining rooms & gathering areas. Brass sconces and various chandliers that grace the walls around the Inn are from the old Ayres Tea Room in Indianapolis. The large ornate chandlier in the Great Hall used to hang in the Meridan Hills Country Club also in Indianapolis. The Breakfast Room here at the Inn is an example of ingeniuity. The old Holiday Inn here in Logansport, IN was getting rid of their old Oak headboards by filling dumpsters with them when rescued by George, who used them as paneling in the Breakfast Room. This you would never guess they look like they were made for it. The marble that is used in the floor and the bar top came from the old Weir Cook Airport in Indianapolis, IN. We hauled those out in drywall sized pieces and then had to rent a diamond cutter to cut them up. The slate we used in the floor of the Great Hall was from a Southern Indiana mansion, but was so heavy that we had to implore some of our former students to haul it up in two separate trips over the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The old bar behind in the pub is from a Speakeasy in Peru, IN it has old metal bins to held ice & old wooden kegs. There are several examples of rescues in the guest rooms. The Princess Suite holds a gorgeous Baccarat Crystal Chandlier from an Indianapolis Fur Company. The Dubonnet Suite has antique barbershop hairdressing ornaments from here in Logansport, IN framed and hung on the wall. Thus a barn became an Inn.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


One of the really great benefits of running a Country Inn is the experience of the gathering. We get to see people gather with family, friends, & loved ones. We get to watch as generations come to together from all over the state and sometimes the country to visit. Many have never met, but know there is a blood tie that connects them together. They get to notice their features reflected in others as well as silly habits or idiosyncrasies that they share with people who were strangers before that day. Long lost friends and classmates seeing each other after long absences often fill the Inn with laughter and incredible stories. They pick up their friendships as if no time has passed at all. For some reason the sense of community is the stongest at funerals and weddings. I don't know if its is the sharing of a common goal of mourning or celebrating that unites them so fiercly, but it is powerful to behold. All differences are put aside or on hold for the day and the groups come to together in sadness or in joy. Like I said we are very lucky to witness the compassion, understanding, and comprehension dawn on their faces. Oh the humanity. hat a complex web we weave!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Family Recipes

We enjoy cooking our family recipes for our guests. We love using recipes from old feed stores and churches. Some recipes are ones we have passed down through our family for generations. The most popular with our family and our guests are spinach souffle, Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Carrot Cake, Lemon Chicken, and Apricot Tenderloins. We feature these here at the Inn on the menu and for breakfast. They are always popular and the requests to get the recipe are constant. My favorite part of those old recipes are the unusual ingridients they call for like the standard lard and using the word mango to refer to a green pepper. We also make wonderful meringued Almonds for our house salad thta we serve with mandarin oranges, Strawberries, and a homemade orange vinaigrette. I was offedered serious money for that recipe. We really try to use all local ingridients. We use produce from our garden as much as we can seasonally. We also pick up different kinds at the local farmer's market and our good friends up the road at Showley's orchard. An annual pilgrimage up to Michigan for fresh peaches, apricots, and blueberries. Coming back we stop for fresh amish cheeses, nuts, and grains. We don't fry anything here, but try to make healthy and delicious food. Our guest really apprciate the freshness and creativity we try to put in our food and it's presentation.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pet Friendly

We are very pet friendly here at Inntiquity.  Besides this being an old barn our grandchildren include a 12 year old rat terrier named Quincy, a gorgeous calico named Piper, a so ugly he is cute dog named Duke, and a Cogri named Gimil.  Not to mention various other canine greatgrand kids.  This week we are getting ready to host many professional dogs.  The 2013 Natural Dog Training Conference will have meetings and stay here the 22nd through the 25th.
  These dogs are special because they are rescue dogs and help out during all sorts of crisis.  They will accompany their handlers even at dinner.  There is a guy coming from Albany, NY who is known for dancing with dogs.  There is also a a session to help these dogs deal with the stress of their jobs. Therapy for dogs along with how to spot the impacts of various crisis on their dogs.  They of course are going to Tippacanoe to visit Wolf Park for Howl night.
  We are really looking forward to having these heroes. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

History of Inntiquity

We often have guests who are incredulous that our building used to be an old dairy barn.  Our daughter who is also our chef & assistant manager here fed cows out of here till she was fifteen years old. In 1849 Levi Brown started his Percheron inported horse farm on a land grant from Millard Fillmore.  The family maintained the Old Michigan Road toll road on this property.  The tollhouse was across from CR100. 
   In the 1860's milk cows were added in a section of the barn.  A dairy was operated here until the 1970's.  Juila Cappel, a great-great grandmother, inheirted the farm in 1888 & moved to Logansport from Plymouth.  A painting, painted in 1904, by Indiana artist, Wils Berry of the farm showing Pleasant Valley Dairy hangs in the office.
   The house and the barn were both built in 1849 and faced each other, as the road was not considered important.  The property sat empty until 1934 when Helen & George Naftzger moved in.  The barn cupola was lost to another tornado.
  In the 1980's we were trying to find a way to keep the property in the family for another generation.  There was no longer enough land to farm.  We the considered turning the large barn into a country inn similiar to the ones we had seen in Cailfornia and Virginia.  We started to add to our collection of architectural fixtures and antiques furnishings by attending acuctions, building sales, banruptcies, & demolitions. 
  Ten to twelve years late, we opened Inntiquity, A Country Inn to the public, enabling us to host wonderfully interesting guests, some neighbors as well as some from all over the world!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Comments from our wonderful guests

"We are making our stays at the Inntiquity a family tradition. It is a treasure!"

"Perfect birthday weekend.  Quite remakable -mix of formal & laid back...A surprise search on the internet yields exceeded expectation"

"We enjoyed our 4 year anniversary staying here. Very relaxing and beautiful place to enjoy ourselves.  Lee & George made us feel right at home from the time we walked in until we checked out.  Very friendly & polite.  Our hats off to the chef.  The food was excellent & would not change a thing."

"My husband and I have been coming here for our anniversaries for about 7 years now.  This is our 2nd stay in the Dresden Rose room.  Welove the view & the fireplace!!"

"Best night of sleep ever!!! this room is so cozy & relaxing the fireplace worked wonders & the bed is just like sleeping on a Giant Cloud!  The stars at night are breathtaking, we really enjoyed the balcony & natures scenery.  We can't wait to come back & enjoy ourselves again, thankyou Lee & George for everything!"

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful enviornment for lovers to write or create another chapter in their romance.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.  This place will be remembered in OUR love story.  We wish all those who stay here, may you share the magic that we shared in our stay here"